Educating the Net Generation

Implementation 5: Charles Sturt University - Biology

Student-generated digital photo archive

A 'traditional' assignment that required individual students to collect and categorise beetles was translated into an online, shared exercise. On-campus and distance students captured digital photos and audio files representing diverse beetles, uploaded these to an online "Beetle Gallery", and undertook some comparisons based on the shared images.

The "Beetle Gallery" was part of a broader "Beetle Collection" exercise. For the "Beetle Gallery", students were required to locate a total of six beetles from at least three different habitats, and upload photographs of each (taken from at least two angles or directions) along with a document containing descriptive information for each. Video footage and/or audio recordings of the beetles could also be uploaded. Files were uploaded by students into a "Beetle Gallery" via the subject's Interact site (CSU's Sakai-based online learning system).

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