Educating the Net Generation

Implementation 4: University of Melbourne - Chemistry

Student-generated digital photo archive

In this case study, students used digital cameras to capture images from everyday life that illustrated chemical processes they had learned about in lectures.

The Flickr web site was used to publish and share the photographs, and students were also required to review other students’ images and captions. This activity was part of a series of "Independent Learning Tasks" that were hurdle requirements for students in first year chemistry (students were required to complete each Independent Learning Task in order to pass the course).

Students were asked to join a dedicated group on the Flickr web site and publish at least two photographs to the site. Each student was given two topics (from nine topics covered in lectures) and asked to take photographs that illustrated those topics. Students also had to write a caption, in the style of a textbook caption, identifying how each image illustrated chemical principles and they were required to 'tag' their images with appropriate keywords.

Finally, students were asked to review other students' photographs and captions and to nominate the two best photos related to a specific topic.

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